Diagor Legacy:

From Ancient to Modern.

At Diagor, we continue the legacy of the legendary ancient Greek boxer Diagoras of Rhodes, who lived in the 5th century BC. Diagoras was considered the fittest and happiest person on earth. Having earned the title of Olympic boxing champion more than once, he had a great honour to see all three of his sons become Olympic Champions as well. At the time, the peak of happiness was to achieve greatness and glory yourself and be matched or even surpassed by your own children.

These values of achievement, ambition, victory over your own limitations, are still the fundamentals of modern day Diagor.


About us:

Diagor - For The Ambitious.

Diagor brand was established in 2019 in London, United Kindgom. From the beginning we made a mark in the market with our quality equipment.

At Diagor, we admire ambition. Without ambition, followed by consistent hard work, even the greatest talent can go to waste.

We serve the needs of a modern world fitness enthusiast, ranging from highest quality boxing equipment to functional fitness selection. We offer everything you need to keep your workouts effective and interesting.


Diagor mission: 

To spread the benefits of fitness, around the globe.


Where to buy:

To make sure that we are able to provide you an unraveling customer experience, keep highest quality standard and avoid any counterfeits, please only get genuine Diagor equipment through these exclusive channels:

Official Diagor website: Diagor.co.uk

Gymzey sports retailer: www.gymzey.com/collections/diagor

Visit our Official Diagor Amazon store.